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Tiny Homes: Storage Solutions That Will Help Maximize Your Space

Floating Shelf - Minimal Storage Solution for Tiny Homes
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Living in a tiny home means that you also have to commit to living minimally. Since you’re working with limited space, you need to ensure that every inch is maximized correctly to make your minimal tiny house feel like a regular home.

Now, if you’re still wondering how to create efficient storage for your minimal tiny house, here are some ideas that you might like:

• Use floating shelving.

Since you have limited square footage in a minimal tiny house, you can make up for it by maximizing your vertical space, in other words your walls. Floating shelving is one of the best ways to utilize your walls for storage, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, since you can put something on the floor and hang them on top.

For instance, you could put several floating shelves above your countertop to store condiments, spices, and even your plates and glasses. Just make sure to plan out the position of these shelves properly and don’t overuse them to avoid making your minimal tiny house look cluttered.

• Use multifunctional furniture.

One of the secrets to making a minimal tiny house more functional is to use multifunctional furniture. A classic example would be your living room. Instead of opting for a bulky couch, you can customize a seating area that doubles as storage boxes. You can take out the cushions, and you have all that space to keep your blankets, pillows, shoes, clothes, and whatnot.

You can even have your couch designed to be transformed into a bed so that when you have guests over, you can use the living area as your guest bedroom. Some tiny home owners also maximize the space under the stairs going to their lofts by converting them into drawers. Others, on the other hand, create bed frames with storage underneath for clothes.

• Use overhead storage.

When you’re living in a minimal tiny house, you want to claim as much of that floor space as possible to make the place look and feel more spacious than it is. So, instead of filling up your home with cabinets for storage, why not take them to a higher level with overhead cabinets

You can also maximize those little spaces in between big furnishings to utilize as extra storage space. The thought of overhead storage doesn’t only make your minimal tiny house feel bigger, but it also allows you to make the area look cleaner and more streamlined.

Finally, don’t be afraid to keep things minimal. When you choose to invest in a minimal tiny house, you need to embrace that simple lifestyle where you have everything you need and not anything in excess. Having enough storage in your minimal tiny house doesn’t have to mean that you’re going to fill it up to the brim. It’s all about having only what you’ll use on a regular basis and leaving the rest out of your house, so you can enjoy this new lifestyle without feeling claustrophobic.

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