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Tiny House Lofts: Are They Good or Bad?

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The vision of living in a tiny house with a double loft or a tiny farm house has captivated thousands of people around the world. The financial freedom and the newfound comfort of living in a smaller space has made the tiny house community grow rapidly in just a couple of years. Now, innovations in tiny house living keep sprouting everywhere. One of these is adding lofts to tiny homes. But is this a good or bad idea? Let’s find out:

The benefits of tiny house lofts.

Let’s face it: a tiny home means that you’re going to work with a very limited space, which can work for others, especially single individuals or young couples. But having that extra space will surely make tiny house living more comfortable and convenient. This is when having a loft can be beneficial:

You add more square footage to your tiny house.

Instead of just making do with that tiny square footage you have on a single level, adding a loft or two will give you that extra space to use for different purposes. Most tiny homeowners who choose a tiny house with double loft use this area as a bedroom since this can take up most of the space in the first level of the house. Having that area upstairs also gives you that sense of privacy and personal space that you don’t usually get in a single-story home.

You get to grow with your tiny house.

Tiny homes are not only for those who want to live alone or with their partner. In fact, a lot of families nowadays choose to live in a tiny house with double loft to not only allow them more financial freedom but also cultivate a different lifestyle for their children. When you have a loft, you can allocate spaces for your children to have their own privacy, even if you’re living in a tinier home than before. This will help them adjust quickly to this new lifestyle and make them feel more comfortable.

You can design a living space that serves its intended purpose.

Having that additional area above your ground floor is not only useful as a bedroom but also lots of other things. Some homeowners convert this space as their office or study area, while others choose to create a craft room or entertainment area. Having these areas in a tiny home makes you feel like you’re living in a regular house without necessarily spending more on an extension.

Of course, a loft will add more value to your tiny home so that when you decide to sell it for a bigger or more modern tiny house in the future, you can guarantee a good return on investment (ROI). A loft also separates your tiny house from the others, and that vertical space will take away the clutter on your ground level to make it feel cozy and relaxing. After all, having a smaller space doesn’t have to mean sacrificing privacy, comfort, and convenience.

Reach out to a trusted company!

If you’re interested in getting a tiny house with double loft or a tiny home in general for you and your loved ones, make sure to contact Generations Tiny Homes, and let’s discuss how we can build the tiny home of your dreams.

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