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Five Tiny Homes That Will Inspire You to Move into Your Own

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Five Tiny Homes That Will Inspire You to Move into Your Own

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a huge movement towards tiny houses today. With many people realizing that they can still enjoy comfortable living in a smaller space and without paying high mortgages, a lot of homeowners are now trading their big homes for medium sized houses or a minimal tiny house that still have all the amenities that they need to live comfortably.

Now, if you’re one of many who dream of owning a minimal tiny house, here are five of the best tiny homes this year to give you some inspiration:

  1. Incred-I-Box

It may not look like much from the outside, but there’s a reason it’s called the “Incred-I-Box,” and that’s because it packs a punch at just 16 feet long and 128 square feet. The Incred-I-Box is fitted with a spacious kitchen with a butcher block countertop, a 30-inch sink and cabinets for storage. The open layout also means that the living, dining and sleeping areas are in one space, but you have loft storage to keep your things. The bathroom is located at the back of the unit, and it’s already fitted with a tall shower. 

  1. The Wasatch

If you’re a family of four looking for a minimal tiny house that fits your household, the Wasatch features 2 beds and 1 bath in 224 square feet of space. What makes this tiny home great is the fact that the builders were able to fit all your basic needs—bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom with a full-sized tub, and a living area—without making the entire space feel cramped and small. The high ceilings also make this minimal tiny house look and feel bigger, so you won’t feel claustrophobic at all.

  1. The Majesty

At 34 feet long and 272 square feet, the Majesty is considered the royalty for tiny homes because of its luxurious feel and amenities that are perfect for a small family. You can choose from the classic farmhouse, the rustic craftsman or sleek modern styles, and each model is fitted with two bedrooms and a bath. You also get all the features that you need like flooring, hardware, shower, water heater and countertops.

The Majesty also offers a lot of storage space and even if it’s more expensive than most tiny cozy homes, it’s the little additions and the option to customize that make it such a great investment.

  1. The Nomad

If you’re looking for a tiny home truck that you can take on your off-grid adventures, the Nomad is the perfect size at just 165 square feet and 24 feet long. But being small doesn’t mean being cramped because this minimal tiny house has a spacious enough bedroom, a full-sized kitchen and even a tub in the bathroom perfect for the nomad lifestyle. Its exterior is also made with stainless steel with tempered glass windows for durability and easy maintenance.

One of the Nomad’s best features is its bedroom with its barn door and a queen-sized bed where you can relax after a busy day outdoors. You also have a couch that can double as a kitchenette and the best sink on this list.

  1. The Traveler XL

At 344 square feet and 30 feet long, this minimal tiny house is the best one on this list if you’re looking for the most spacious tiny home on the market. It also has everything that you can find in a regular home including a kitchen, a bathroom with a tub, two bedrooms and a living space that won’t make you feel like you’re living in a tiny house. 

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