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Tiny House Hacks: How to Fit All Your Things

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Jump into the tiny house bandwagon today and feel your lifestyle revolutionize for the better! It’s a simpler and less stressful way of living—the idea is that it’s less clutter, less need to clean, and less stuff to store and put away. Also, the best thing about having a tiny truck house is that it’s portable too, so you can head over to the Grand Canyon or Disneyworld on a whim. You can bring your own tiny truck house and eliminate the need for a hotel or an Airbnb because you have your comfortable bedroom on wheels. 


Now that you’ve decided to have your own tiny truck house, it’s time to decide how to maximize the potential of your space through these hacks:


Install double duty stairs. Tiny homes that can have loft attachments or second floor spaces have stairs or some type of ladder system. You can maximize the space underneath the ladder or space by having your pantry or shoes drawer installed right below. It’s a terrific way to have your things right at your fingertips but still have them hidden and out of sight. 


Keep things minimalistic. The whole principle of tiny house living is being minimalistic, meaning you choose fewer things to keep with you and keep your lifestyle to the minimum standards. For example, you don’t have to buy a whole set of plateware because all you need are a couple plates and some silverware and you’re good to go. You also don’t need to have a full wardrobe because just the season’s essentials are what you need. This also goes for your pantry. Don’t buy groceries for a whole month because this will just clutter up your tiny house kitchen. A week’s worth of groceries is enough. 


Consider every nook and cranny. When it comes to tiny cozy homes, every small space matters. Got a corner behind the sofa? Put up a couple shelves and use it as a mini library. Got a narrow space between the sink and mini fridge? Turn it into a spice pantry or a shelf for all your cereals and snacks. You can even convert cabinet doors and closet doors into additional storage space for pans and lids, for cooking sheets, for cleaning tools, and basically for anything that you might need for your pantry. Got an extra space beneath the window? Add a bench with storage drawers underneath for all your jackets and shawls. Again, the tricks is to look at every nook and cranny like it’s a storage space. 


Hide away your stuff. The best kind of tiny home storage is the hidden kind. This is where your creative skills come to the surface. You have to look at every kind of furniture like it’s a vault or a cabinet. Need a bed? It needs to have space underneath so you can store your folded sheets, comforters, and extra pillows. Need a table? Place a small open shelf underneath so it can act as a bar. You can even hide infrequently used items like tools, winter jackets, or camping equipment using hidden door latches that only you know of. 


Talk to us at Generations Tiny Homes about the design you have in mind and we’ll also show you our bespoke tiny homes so we can meet halfway. Our range of tiny home trucks are all the rage in the market so now is definitely the time to get your own tiny truck house. 

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