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A Look at the Growing Tiny Home Community

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Tiny House Nation: Why You Should Join This Growing Community

For more than four decades, houses grew bigger in size in the country and most people thought that owning a big-sized home meant living comfortably. But 10 years ago, as housing prices started to soar, a small movement was also beginning to gain attention—a few people were building tiny cozy homes.

Today, there are at least 10,000 tiny homes in America alone and the tiny house movement has expanded around the world. With people growing tired of working for years just to pay off their mortgage and realizing that they don’t really need a lot of space to live a comfortable and happy life, most of them are now trading their big-sized homes for tiny homes that allow them to downsize to enjoy life more. Here’s what we know:

  • An average tiny home measures from 100 to 400 square feet, but some can be as small as 80 square feet or as big as 700 square feet depending on the style and purpose of that tiny home. Most of these tiny cozy homes are designed to look and feel like a studio apartment, although the bigger ones have a bedroom or two. 
  • A lot of people who have switched to tiny homes have been paying mortgage for many years and this has limited their financial freedom. With a tiny house in Raleigh, they only spend for the tiny house itself and the amenities that they want on it. Then, they can either buy a plot of land or rent one if they want to travel. A lot of people have been embracing this lifestyle since it offers more financial freedom without necessarily taking away the comforts of a regular home.
  • With the soaring prices of houses lately, people who don’t have the means to buy or build their own house can already own a home by investing in a tiny home that they can design according to their needs. Some starter homes have the basic amenities that you’ll need in a house like a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom while bigger family tiny homes have lofts and bedrooms. A lot of homeowners are even becoming more creative by putting two tiny homes together to create a double tiny home or a tiny house with double loft for more space and especially if they are putting the tiny home on a permanent lot.

According to George Chmael, the CEO of Council Fire, which is a consultancy that advises on sustainable building practices: “The benefits of tiny homes are obvious. There’s reduced maintenance, a reduced financial burden and added movability and mobility for a change of circumstances.” Most Americans have been spending more than half of their income on housing, putting mortgages first over better food or time for travel or relaxation. With the advent of the tiny house movement, there’s also a renewed sense of hope for people who want a place to call their own but don’t want to spend the rest of their lives paying for a roof over their head.

Contact us at Generations Tiny Homes to learn more about tiny cozy homes and which kind is the most fitting for you and your needs.

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