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Tiny Home for Families: Why It Is the Right Choice

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Films and Media have simplified living a mainstream fantasy! Living a minimalist life is the new trend among many generations, more specifically Millennials. Deciding to live in a tiny house depends on the preferences and personalities of everyone involved, you, your partner, and your kids. Even if the idea of living in a tiny cozy home is enchanting, it’s still hard to view downsizing as a viable option.

When planning and designing a tiny house for your family, there are two things one must keep in mind; lack of extra living space and storage space. Generations Tiny Homes specializes in architecture, home building, building design, manufacturing, and engineering to make sure that we tackle these two issues and provide a home that is perfect for you.

Space is essential in a household for various reasons; laundry and clothing storage, extra bathroom necessities, extra blankets, bedding, pillows, outdoor storage, storage for winter clothing, and study space. Apart from these, a tiny house already has all the amenities like a conventional caravan water connection, 15-amp mains power, and a dual gas regulator set up with LPG gas bottles so making sure that space is distributed correctly is of utmost importance.

Price is always a factor. The average price for a complete unfinished tiny house in the US, including a kitchen and bathroom, the trailer, and a dining and sleeping area- sits at around $59,800 so if you’re already spending a lot for your family and have a set budget, you should give it some time and plan ahead.

Tiny homes can be on a foundation or be mobile with wheels. Most people who venture into tiny house living do so out of financial necessity but there are some people who do so out of the need to be in constant movement. With prices soaring in the real estate market, a tiny house makes the most financial sense for any kind of family.

Some of the advantages of living in a tiny home are:

  • Less Expensive: According to the National Apartment List Rent Report, the average price for rent in the US for a two-bedroom apartment is between $800 and $2200. Buying or building a tiny house for the average price of $59,800 is cheaper. If you decide on a custom build that is less expensive, it’s clearer to see that the constant rent would end up costing you more in the future.
  • Privacy and Ownership: Owning a tiny house guarantees a level of privacy that is not attainable in a rented home. In a rented apartment, the landlord can check in on you whenever they want, and you cannot make significant changes to your long-term home, making it difficult to personalize it to your liking and style without a issues along the way.
  • Travel Option: You would have better travel scenery with a tiny mobile house, as rented apartments would generally restrict you to city living, while tiny houses allow you to live in the city, in an RV park, or elsewhere if you really wanted to.

Save The Planet by Living in A Tiny House

Beyond the cost, the environmental impact of tiny homes is incredibly sustainable. Smaller houses require less materials and fewer pieces of equipment and labor hours to construct. Also, homeowners capitalize on using less energy to operate these smaller homes, thereby helping save the planet.

Generations Tiny Homes provides comfortable living options at the most affordable prices. We build tiny homes and double tiny homes according to your comfort and requirements.  Offering smart home functionality at the most affordable prices. Contact us today and start your tiny home journey!

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