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A Useful Guide to Living the Tiny House Lifestyle

Tiny Home Lifestyle
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The tiny house movement kicked off in the late 1990s, with around 10,000 tiny houses making their way into the market. With today’s economy and precious real estate prices becoming even more outrageous, it’s no wonder so many people are downsizing and opting for tiny house living. If you’re interested in joining this lifestyle, here’s our helpful guide to help you navigate the intricacies of owning your very own tiny home.

Did you know there are generally two types?

Tiny homes can come as either of the two: a fixed dwelling, such as a modern farmhouse, or a house built on wheels, or a trailer, such as a tiny truck house. The main difference here is, of course, permanency. Tiny houses that don’t have wheels are permanent and are built on a foundation, while on the other hand, tiny houses on wheels are moveable; hence they are more appealing to the nomad lifestyle.

Within these two categories come a variety of different house types like minimalist homes, cottage core houses, modern farmhouses, or traditional tiny homes. With our 80 years of experience in the field, we’re guaranteed to help you out in building, designing, and engineering so that you’ll get the minimal tiny house of your dreams.

Have you planned out where you’re going to live?

While tiny houses are certainly on trend and becoming a world-recognized modern lifestyle, not all States or cities welcome tiny houses, so make sure you find a location where it’s legal to build or park a tiny house. Rules may vary from each State, so you can contact the American Tiny House Association to guide you on zoning laws for tiny houses before you commit. You should also consider registering your mobile home if you are planning on purchasing a tiny farmhouse on wheels (or any mobile home). You can also arrange a long-term lease with a landowner if you’re planning on building on a private property.

What are the features you need in your home?

Some homeowners prioritize kitchen space because they favor cooking instead of hanging out in the living area. Some people also prefer adequate bed space, especially for larger families, while others prefer the indoor-outdoor lifestyle with a connected patio in their small cottage. The key here is to know what you want by researching or, better yet, talking to our engineers so we can tailor your vision to the tiny home of your dreams.

What sort of storage space is acceptable to you and your needs?

This all depends on your belongings and how many of these you want to let go. Joining the tiny home lifestyle also means you’re downsizing on things you’ll keep in your tiny home. No more wall-to-wall closets with 50 coats and 80-something pairs of shoes. This is the perfect time to live minimally by just keeping what’s important and letting go of those that are not-so essential. Do you love those TikTok videos where they organize minimalist pantries or declutter closet spaces? You can do it too!

Now that you’re ready to take the next step into the tiny home lifestyle, give Generations Tiny Homes a call so we can discuss your plans and how we can make your tiny home dreams into reality.

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