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Eight of the Best Furniture Pieces for Tiny Homes

Stackable Side Table Furniture for Tiny Homes
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One major challenge of owning tiny homes is finding the right furniture to make them more functional and feel spacious. You can’t just squeeze in any piece and expect it to fit perfectly into your space.

Lucky for you, there are furniture options specifically designed with tiny homes in mind! Here are eight of them.

1. Modular Sofa.
Want to entertain friends and family even with limited space? A modular sofa is just the thing you need. It comes in pieces, so you can assemble them however you want. Most importantly, they’re designed to fit into tight corners.

2. Futon Sofa.
This type of sofa is the ultimate space-saver! It doubles up as a comfortable seating area and an extra bed. This comes in handy when you have visitors staying over or just need to take some much-needed rest.

3. Folding Wall-Mounted Table.
For those with limited floor space, this is an excellent option. It can be mounted to the wall and folded away when not in use. When it’s time for a meal, you can simply pull the table down and enjoy your food.

This table can also double as a workstation. So, if you got some office work to do, you can pull it down and start working right away.

4. Drop-Leaf Table.
This type of table is perfect for tiny homes. It has two leaves that can be opened when in use and closed when not needed. This way, you get to enjoy meals with your family without sacrificing too much floor space.

5. Nesting Side Table.
Another type of table that makes tiny homes more functional and spacious is the nesting side table. It comes in two or three parts that can be easily stacked together, giving you an extra surface when it’s time for a meal or a drink.

6. Murphy Bed.
This is an oldie but goldie! A Murphy bed is the perfect solution when you don’t have enough floor space for a regular bed. When not needed, it can be folded up and conveniently stored away. So, you get to enjoy extra living space during the day while having a comfortable place to sleep at night.

7. Over-the-Toilet Storage Cabinet.
Did you notice that the wall above your toilet is one of the most unused spaces in a home? Make the most of it with an over-the-toilet storage cabinet. It will help you store all your toiletries and other essentials in one place.

8. Floating Extendable TV Stand.
If you don’t have enough space for a big TV stand, go for a floating extendable one instead. This type of TV stand has shelves and drawers that can be extended to fit your needs. Plus, it attaches directly to the wall, so there’s no need for additional floor space.

So there you have it—eight pieces of furniture that will make a considerable difference in tiny homes. With these items, you don’t have to worry about having limited floor space.

So, who says small spaces can’t be stylish and functional? Now, go ahead and get creative with your furniture choices.

For more creative ideas on how to furnish and beautify tiny homes, check out Generations Tiny Homes‘ other blog posts, or feel free to contact us!

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