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Why Live Tiny?

The tiny home industry is a complex place. We are here to help in navigating the challenges.  With our pre-constructed floor plans, dedicated team, and multiple ways of financing, we are here to make your dream come true.

If you’re wondering if smaller living is for you, ask yourself the following questions.  If you answered yes to the questions, you are in an excellent position to consider downsizing.

How to

Decide if Tiny House Living is Right for You

which are you?

13 Types of Tiny House People


Coming from New York, we’ve all dreamed of having a vacation home closer to the equator to escape the harsh winter months. With massive zoning and code changes allowing tiny houses down south, owning a vacation home has never been more affordable. At Generations, we are working to provide leasable land to our tiny homeowners in developed communities, where you can get away and enjoy all that North Carolina has to offer, without needing to take out a second mortgage.

The Minimalist

These people have learned that “stuff” doesn’t equate to happiness. They prefer the beauty of simple, high-quality, functional items. A tiny house doesn’t get more minimal – this house becomes a perfect expression of their values and needs.

The Environmentalist

One of the biggest environmental footprints is houses. The highest impact is heating and cooling a house for its life. Thank goodness we have some people who are trying to save the earth by building smaller conscientious homes. They also have much smaller bills!

The No-Debtors

Who likes debt? Living in an urban center with a nice, modest house is no longer within most homebuyers’ means. It means getting a massive mortgage for 30-40+ years of their life. Growing groups of people who aren’t buying in and are realizing a tiny house will do just fine. 

The Pinterest-ers

Everyone knows this type of person. They have planned out their whole life through Pinterest boards. They have ingenious designs, space hacks, DIY projects, and orgasmic lighting and decor. 

The Jump Starters

Sometimes one goes tiny not because they want to, but because they have goals that need to be met, and financially it’s easiest. Building a tiny house can save money to buy land and build a forever house. This gives them a place to live in while their forever home is being built out and the potential of a rental afterward. 

The Off-Gridders

There are a growing number of people looking at the state our country is in and are saying “HECK NO!” So badly they start looking for alternative living solutions and how to be self-sufficient. Tiny houses have a lot of pros for someone who thinks the worlds going to the dogs.

The Travel Lifers

There is a whole other category of people who live to travel. Backpackers, cruise-shippers, nomads, and restless rollers – a tiny house enables their lifestyle so they can either roll around with their tiny house or just save money. 

The Reality & Renter Savvy Investors

Tiny homes are being used to get rich. Either they are renting their backyard tiny house for Air BnB style or long-term style, OR they are living in the tiny house and renting out the main house. A lot of people are interested in renting one – to trial the lifestyle or for novelty.  

The Naturalists

Wanting to ensure studies they know their impact on each other and the environments in which they live.  Some people DO know… A tiny house offers them an option to afford high-quality, natural building materials and possessions, so they can ensure their health and the health of their family. 

The Tree-forters

Call it what you will some people just want a cool house from a man-cave to a she-shed. Something that has been drawn out, that’s out of this world and works with the space to make it most functional for what they have. These people have tenacity. 

The Community Lovers

As we’ve mentioned a lot of different types of people already, and a sub-genre of all of them is the people who just want to be with other people who share their passion. 

Empty Nesters

Have your children just moved out to fulfill their own dreams, and left you, all alone in a house too big and empty? Go tiny! With an ever-growing list of floorplans (customization available), our tiny homes are the perfect solution. Whether you’d like to sell your house and scale down, or purchase a second, smaller vacation home, we’re here to help.

where to live?

Don’t forget, as many do about a very important detail. Where are you going to place your tiny home?

Your Tiny Home Need Land

01. Backyard Tiny Houses

Considered an Accessory Dwelling Unit, where you can place a tiny home in a backyard and utilize it as additional space or a money venture.

02. Buying Land

This can be difficult as most land parcels are the right size for a normal house. The expense of these parcels may not be in one’s budget and may not be in line with one’s ideal of living inexpensively.

03. Renting Land

This can also be an issue in regard to the size of the parcel, but in renting you have the option to opt-opt outout if and when you want to move your tiny home.

04. Joining Tiny Home Community

Within the state you will find communities of tiny house dwellers. Each may have its own rules about renting or buying space, but it’s a phenomenal option if you’re wanting to surround yourself with like-minded people.

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